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Primal Scream: More Light

This Glasgow cult band is back again and in their classical way. More Light is a well-done record that will send you back some fifteen years ago. Yet, it is not some awkward reunion at all!


Primal Scream: More Light
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: First National

After five years, another Primal Scream album is here and it proofs the band knows its profession perfectly. If XTRMNTR was an answer to some current British guitar songs, More Light reviews the best Primal Scream ever recorded. If you connect after party hangover Screamadelica with wooden rock´n´roll Riot Blues and political XTRMNTR you will end up with this adult record. As if the frontman Bobby Gillespie stopped taking drugs for a moment and decided to record a full-blood album instead full of psychedelia, positivism and trip hop. An aggressive soundtrack with social commentaries, raw guitar lines, blues bass guitar and neurotic wind section – there are no limits to the music layers. It may also be partly because of the hosting musician Robert Plant who spiced up some songs and remember his own The Strange Sensation era; or it may be thanks to the rebirth of Bloody Valentine that created the electronic darkness to the most perfection.  More Light is an opus magna that can bewitch you with its simple complexity.








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