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Zaz: Recto Verso

In 2010, the same name debut has made this French singer a first league star in the music show business.  However, there is no need to worry – this actual version of Recto Verso is full of rhythms, gipsy arranges and funny energetic singing as well.


Zaz: Recto Verso
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Play On

There is no doubt that Zaz rules! It may be thanks to the fact she sold hundreds of thousands records in her thirties and she still has something to say. But is can also be her natural jazz- gypsy style. It is actually very refreshing to listen to these playful melodies with colourful arranges and energetic rhythm that get mixed with balladic romance and rock honesty in today´s era of nu-soul retro style. Yes, even pop can be done stylishly, without cliche or hawking marketing. There is no more only the gypsy style, but also jazz, swing, chanson, new wave or folk. Circus-like plays fascinate you with soft girlish singing as well as smoky hoarse voice; funny melancholy without any cheesy feeling always full of deeper seriousness is spiced up with colourful mosaic of instruments – an accordion, Spanish guitar, a piano and swinging contra bass. There will also be some of the psychedelic madness in Deterre, disco playing in Gamine or intellectual lamenting in La lessive. Recto Verso is of no boring record at all.








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