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Ella Fitzgerald: Ella & Louis Again

Some reeditions may be released again and again – and they will never get old as the original sound is mastered perfectly. Especially when it comes to the star vocal duo Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.


Ella Fitzgerald: Ella & Louis Again
Formate: FLAC Download Studio Master
Released: 2012
Label: Linn Records

Should there be used a term “chemistry” in the music branch meaning two personalities working well togetherl, it can definitely be said about Ella Fitzgerald and the singer and trumpeter Louis Armstrong. In the middle of the 20th century, a connection of a female heaveny voice and a masculine husky voice was a certain success and their creator Norman Granz (a Verve Label face back then) could definitely be satisfied. Three unforgettable records were born – Ella and Louis, Ella And Louis Again (released again by Linn Records) and Porgy and Bess. A double-disc luxury package with 30 hits just proves the immortality of this star duo – and a perfect Oscars Peterson´s piano trio completes the record perfectly.

Since it was before Beatles or Rolling Stones, this triumphal combination seems to be a revolutionary one. Funny humorous melodies, saucy behaviour, warm teasing and love kind-heartedness fit the perfect musical accompaniment that decently matches the main protagonists and supports them. Brilliant trumpet intros and solos are simply unforgettable and will stay in jazz heaven together with the unconventional vocals of Ella & Louise.











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