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Daughn Gibson: Me Moan

There have been plenty of wonderful heroes in the history of rock´n´roll marching through the dark music avenues and fascinating us by a catchy melancholy. Daughn Gibson being one of them.


Daughn Gibson: Me Moan
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Sub Pop

A scary talk full of brave characters, music elements feeling high on LSD mixing dark with dark, devilish flirting with all possible music genres. There is no doubt Daughn Gibson can easily be put next to such emotional story teller as Nick Cave, Tom Waits or Josh Homme. A hidden threat fades away under intelligent refrains, the band is not afraid to use a charismatic instrument like the pipes, for example. Urgent guitar solos evoke southern blues as well as stoner rock being played in their minimalistic performance and leaving the moaning melodies to fit perfectly. There are lot of levels in Gibson´s baritone voice; sometimes he resembles a romantic Chris Issak, sometimes a metal martyr Peter Steel from Type O´Negative. However, he still keeps his own magic of a music chameleon that never gets you bored. Me Moan is a nice subjective melancholic melodrama.







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