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Kayne West: Yeezus

With every new album, Kayne West climbs up to a more creative levels. Yeezus is an elegant hip hop record touching other genres as well. It will certainly get you into the dark underworld of the current rap.


Kayne West: Yeezus
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Def Jam

Scary screams, monotone statements changing into furious preachment, frustrated beats – Kayne West, a well known singer and popular producer, offers even more on his new record. Having listened to Yeezus, it is clear who can accuse the global establishment with an intelligent grace and catchy rhetoric. Kayne West does not like anything in this world at all. He preaches about materialism like a member of the Black Panthers and is also not afraid to criticise social topics. He knows how to combine scary refrains with atmospheric phrasing and he slides psychedelically into your mind with rock motives. It is no problem for him to bewitch you in calm as well as stormy waters. From the hip hop fan´s point of view, Yeezus is the most provocative, most vulnerable and the most open album that has ever been recorded.






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