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Paul McCartney & America: Wings Over America

After a 37 – years – long pause, there is a new remastered live album being released called Wings Over America. This record proofs that Paul McCartney’s band Wings has never been only an accompanying ensemble.  


Paul McCartney & America: Wings Over America
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013

All the Beatles have gone through difficult times after their break up but the worst happened to Lennon  and McCartney relationship. Having argued forever about a better solo career, the winner seems to be obvious from the tone of the live document Wings Over America.  There are only five Beatles songs on the whole album that should actually symbolised Paul´s uncompromising cut off the past and his self-sufficient solo career with his band. The record is magic even after so many years – a piano power pop Maybe I´m Amazed or Bond´s songs Live and Let Die are equal to classical The Long and Winding Road or a joyful dance song Lady Madonna played with a sincere nostalgia in an energetic style by McCartney. And one might get nostalgic when listening to Linda McCartney as well – although the critics have argued whether she can actually play any instrument at all. Of course, with a 3 CDs Deluxe edition come many photographs and a well mastered sound. 



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