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Santana, McLaughlin: Invitation to Illumination – Live at Montreaux 2011

Two years ago,  there was a special  show by two most talented guitarist at the Montreuax Festival:  John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana. By the end of August 2013, there should be a new Blu-Ray record released  reminding us of the concert spirit. It will be called Invitation to Illumination: Live at Montreaux 2011.


Santana, McLaughlin: Invitation to Illumination – Live at Montreux 2011
Formate: Blu- Ray
Released: 2013
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Although both guitar legends have gone in different directions in their career, they have always been friends.  In fact, we have written about their common old album Love, Devotion, Surrender from 1973.  And songs from this album were actually played at their common concert – but not only these ones: both guitarists did  also play pieces by musicians who they adored all life and who influenced them the most – such as Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin or Miles Davis. There is also a founder of the Montreaux Jazz Festival Claude Nobs playing  accordion or Sanatana´s wife Cindy Blackman Santana playing drums at this record.


The concert record will be released on the 20th August 2013.




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