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Stone Gossard: Moonlander

There seems to be a pattern of reprobation of solo albums by ordinary members of famous bands. However, a second album by Pearl Jam guitarist proofs the opposite. 


Stone Gossard: Moonlander
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013

Let´s not expect any traditional sophisticated Seattle grunge.  Having listened to Moonlander, there is no doubt this collection of songs Stone Gossard hided in a drawer over ten years comes closer to the work of the punk bard Paul Weller. It is clear since the first song I Need Something Different that this guitarist/singer is really serious about his work. Of course, the blues-rock Pearl Jam roots are visible but in their wooden though colourful way. All songs are spiritual such as the legendary Temple of the Dog project. However, what makes this record a colourful album is the instrumental cast – great lyrical thoughts are softened by a side clarinet or piano as if an Earthy blues rock fights cosmic arranges. A second solo album is a piece of art made by someone who hides his solo ambitions too much. We will see what kind of adventure will  Gossard choose next time. 





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