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Bowers & Wilkins AM1: the most beautiful outdoor speaker

Here we go, it was enough of those hybrid speakers imitating a playing rock in the garden or walking Ufo from The War of the Worlds. Finally, someone has created really stylish outdoor speakers.

Up today, the outdoor sound reproduction was best managed by the Bose company with their 251 and 151 models. There is not much to criticise about the simple shape of both Bose products – they are visually  simple  looking quite technicist and squared. There is nothing bad with them but nothing heart taking either. Let´s compare them next to the new AM1 and you will certainly notice the difference – the omnipresent  roundness is simply the best for outdoors. Actually, there are no right angles in the nature as well, as every biologist knows.


Moreover, AM1 certainly is a sound surprising reprosystem, especially when it comes to the bass frequencies, which are usually missed the most at the outdoor installations.  There is nothing to discuss about the quality of the centrepieces and heights production in this price category article. Contrary to the competing Bose or other models by this brand, the sound is almost comparable with other same cost indoor models. Furthermore,  the sound quality is of the same importance as the design quality, as always with BW.  And the design is perfect – smooth, simple and well done.  If you get tired from looking at the front, just turn it around!  We can guarantee you will experience an industrial design ecstasy!  The wall holder is just perfect; incomparable to anything we have seen so far. So, when an architect asks me next time: “ Do you have a nice outdoor speaker by the way? “ I am ready to respond enthusiastically: “Yes!”

Bowers & Wilkins AM1 is produced in black or white design , it costs 410 USD / piece.

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Bowers & Wilkins AM1 black
Bowers & Wilkins AM1 outdoor
Bowers & Wilkins AM1.
Bowers & Wilkins AM1 side
Bowers & Wilkins
Bose 151 white
Bose 151
Bose 251 Black
Bose 251
Bowers & Wilkins AM1: white
Bowers & Wilkins
Bowers & Wilkins AM1 manual



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