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Kings Of Leon: Mechanical Bull

It has been exactly ten years since the Youth & Youth Manhood debut, which has started the retro-guitar revolution. Since then, brothers Followills have gone a nice way paved by raw guitars and catchy elegies.


Kings Of Leon: Mechanical Bull
Formate: Audio CD (Deluxe Edition)
Label: RCA
Released: 2013

Suddenly, Mechanical Bull sounds much more straight than his predecessors who worshiped U2 with their megalomania. The new album is more fun and less sad, it touches the core of rock´n ´roll and goes back to all those weird periods of Kings Of Leon – but in an elegant way, one must admit. The natural hits are full of dynamics, the rhythms change sounds more naturally in the context of foreboding subjective confessions present mostly in the playful funk and intelligent screamings of the main protagonist Caleb. Of course, Mechanical Bull is not such a wild ride like the Molly´s Chambers hit was but let´s no expect something like this from the Kings Of Leon again. As you know, it is not worthy to enter the same river twice. Loud guitars, annoying vocal, radio hits a la Coldplay but also a clear postpunk revolt of the Stooges – if only new albums by other matadors would sound like this! It would make the world much happier place to live.  It is obvious the Followills clan enters a new decade where a common word finds humour, serious lyricism as well as a raw punk.





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