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Linn EXAKT – the source is in the speaker

Really, this will be a revolution. At the 40th Linn company anniversary conference, we were introduced a brand new sound system, which will make a real difference in the music world. It is called the Linn EXAKT.


There is no shorter way from an artist to a listener in the world but the new Linn EXAKT system. The whole system consists of a DS player and speakers only. This simple construction is based on previous experience with signal loss during transmission. Linn designers have created the system in such a way to make the speaker not only active but also able to replace a DA converter. Aside from the loss of signal among few devices, they also managed to solve another problem with belt synchronisation. Therefore, the final sound is much clearer and musical than it was ever before.

Moreover, EXAKT presents one more news. There is a possibility of an audio/listening room calibration. Of course, they do not use the common calibration systems with a mic that you may know from the cheapest home cinemas. The possibility of a room size setting influence especially the bass frequencies;  the final Linn sound alters only very subtly. Have a look at two animations introducing the EXAKT system in a more detailed way:


Linn Exakt – How it works from Linn on Vimeo.


Linn Exakt – What it can do from Linn on Vimeo.


There has been such a sound difference between the classical Klimax and the EXAKT system at the conference that most of the experts from the whole Europe simply could not believe their ears and tried to keep their emotions under control. However, the EXAKT is determined for the Klimax series only so far. The good news is that the owners of the speakers have an option to upgrade them to the new EXAKT system – and this will pay off especially with an active model. Hopefully, the lower models will also get a chance to use this great new technology soon.




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