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A Perfect Circle: Three Sixty

The world is shaken, hallelujah. Although the James Keen´s superband Maynard has not recorded a real album yet, Three Sixty is at least a first swallow bringing the best from this legendary band´s history.


A Perfect Circle: Three Sixty
Formát: Audio CD Deluxe Edition
Vydáno: 2013
Vydavatel: Virgin

The end of the 1990´s have enriched the rock & metal not only with the roarers Korn or an obscene post grunge relying on the established methods only. A Perfect Circle connects all possible arranges of the giants known for their precision and unusual arrangement. No wonder, these musicians have been members of such bands like The Smashing Pumpkins or Queens Of The Stone Age – as the gothic rock guitar full of various effects and heavy rhythms followed by strings suggest. The most charming is the frontman James Keen presenting a phrasing typical for his home band Tool – the most promising prog metal band ever. A powerless melancholy mixes with an intelligent redemption, metal drill meets clear rock ballads creating new alternative mathematical formulas out of the simple motives. For fans, the new song By A Down is a very welcome change and a subjective epitaf based on a nontraditional acord play. But people might also like the cover versions of Lennon´s Imagine being performed like a swan´s death bell in a metal style or a song called When The Levee Breaks that is played in a melancholic jazz arrangement.







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