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Arcade Fire: Reflektor

After a highly successful album The Suburbs, Arcade Fire have finally woken up and released another masterpiece full of dance rhythms and dark rock music.


Arcade Fire: Reflektor
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Merge Records

Actually, this Canadian Indie band is one of the bests today´s mainstream offers. And of course, there are also plenty of motives from past times in the album – let´s connects the Achtung Baby by U2, a sexy bass line Miss You by Rolling Stones or physical dancing creations by Bowie and here comes the Reflektor, the album of the year 2013. Although the sound is magnificent, it does not forget some Arcade Fire´s typical moments – unpredictable electronic explosions, claustrophobic rhythms, everlasting disco as well as exciting guitars. You will certainly never get bored by these 13 songs with quite imposant footage. Piano sighs, atmospheric feminine voice, lyrical and mythical texts that do not fear to touch Middle Ages and ask questions about life after death – this all bears some pure despair, scary imagination and playful quarrelsomeness in itself. A crescendo rhetoric with postproduction create an impressive piece, funky arena hits, garage solos by Exile On Main Street as well as a certain closeness of a cult Kid A by Radiohead make from Reflektor a piece of art with excellent past and present connection. So necessary conceptual production typical for Arcade Fire is but an icing on the cake deserving your full attention. There is no doubt these Canadians have rock´n´roll in their blood.






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