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Fullstars presents: “The Doors Linn Lounge“

Fullstars is very pleased to organize the first Linn Lounge in the Czech Republic at the Pavilon Galery by the end of November. The theme of the Lounge is “The Doors” and you will have a unique opportunity to listen to the excellent sound from the best available Linn hi-fi systems.  

We are happy to invite you to listen to some legendary/or your favourite records in the best Studio Master quality every month. In the Pavilon Galery, we will experience a music journey together revealing stories of famous masterpieces. After the event, you can use the Linn system for listening to your favourite record. No matter what kind of music you desire to play – it may be your last Studio Master recording, a song playing from Spotify or even a film – Linn can play best tones with everything.

Linn Lounge music events are held regularly all over the world. Linn Lounge is a concept aiming at presenting the best possible sound to the listener. During the Linn Lounge, you can not only listen to the classical music pieces in a magnificent sound quality, but you can also get familiar with history and interesting moments behind them.

Are you not a big The Doors fan? Just come over and get surprised by the incredible sound quality of music. And if you still do not like this particular event, you can start looking forward to the next one – we will held one of those every month. There are Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin and others on the programme.

If you would like to come to the upcoming The Doors Linn Lounge, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail




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