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Lady Gaga: Artpop

Finally, the disco queen has released a new album called Artpop. No doubt there is plenty of expensive conversation on it.


Lady Gaga: Artpop
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Interscope Records

We have waited long enough to see whether Lady Gaga is able to overcome her aura of a controversial slut focusing on homosexuals, vegetarians and her own nudity. Moreover, we have also waited quite long to see if she can get rid of the label “good-looking but nothing new”. Of course, she will always be compared to Madonna. However, this eldering popstar can be pleased to see that the current dancing-circus queen is someone with personal philosophy and someone who provokes just with her charisma, which is even stronger than any other black metal band. Although we already know this nonstop beats and synthesizers groove with vocal lines from the past blockbuster Born This Way, Lady Gaga has set her goal higher this time – she wants to lift pop up to be a respectable genre. There are plenty of catchy funky rhythms and intelligent texts on the Artpop album and Gaga is not afraid of attacking the muslim faith in a cynical way. On the contrary, other texts are very tender but the obscene hip hop has a modern charm, which respects the decent R&B. This is not a boring night parties music, this definitely suits more some hybrid show full of cocaine, drinks and erotics.





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