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M.I.A.: Matangi

With respect to the M.I.A. you can definitely forget any classical pop vocal. This new schizophrenic trip to the soul of one naughty girl has really come off well!


M.I.A.: Matangi
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: Interscope Records

It was already with the Maya record when M.I.A. showed her best qualities. With Matangi, the brutal dance groove mixes Eastern motives, fast rhythms and fantastic arranges in a pretty brutal way. This singer tries to be as minimalistic as possible – although she covers this with some aggressive rap, funky melancholy and unusual drum´n´bass. However, a codeine hip hop, catchy reggae and melodic refrains are but one side of the coin. Intelligent texts about social justice, political pamphlets full of cynicism or critical dogma present M.I.A. as a creative person that may be appreciated by hard to please listeners as well as mainstream radios. This rational stream of consciousness can hardly be stopped – a wild appeal with ambitious approach and exciting collage of rhythms is not full of subjectivism. Paranoia rules the sunny ballades, guests (Weeknd) help with phrasal hip hop, progressive production is of no worse than the Kanye West´s one. This catchy, intelligent as well as a little bit crazy piece is irresistible and it is clear that the dancing aesthetics has its advocate here. Definitely, Matangi is an omnipresent noise worth listening.







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