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Morrissey: 25 Live

No doubt, this self-celebration has really turned out well. 25 years on the top, that is definitely something you should mention in a great style.


Morrissey: 25 Live
Formate: Blu Ray
Released: 2013
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainemnt

Morrissey is a phenomenon. Being a member of the legendary The Smith band or playing solo with the beat haircut and in a Hawaiian t-shirt, Morrissey has turned into a new-rock guru inspiring every possible personage of the present Indie scene. The concert from 2nd March in Hollywood High School shows him like an inspiring person full of energy – you can feel the happiness and honesty while listening to the beat melodies and charming quitar from the film or even just from the audio listening. This strict vegetarian was ready to give himself to the audience – he made fun of the meat-eaters with his typical grace, threw his t-shirts into the audience with a certain courage, kneeled on his knees during praying songs. And this sentiment was free from any pathos – on the contrary, there was some kind of a feverish excitement in his performance. He spreaded emotional drill to everybody, stereotypical figurations showed some new face including shiny glory as well as punk grease so typical for Morrissey. The Bond-like soundtrack atmosphere was associated with an imposant vocal performance, so was the psychedelic lamentations reminding listener of the Velvet Underground. This ride is not over yet at all!







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