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Placebo: Loud Like Love

Placebo are back ready to fight again. And this time, it shall be with their seventh studio album titled Loud Like Love. Shortly, the twenty-year-long trip into a world of dark sexual deviation is not over yet.


Placebo: Loud Like Love
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013
Label: UMe

The band frontman Molko is not going to change easily. Perverse poems about himself, difficult orientation in his own sexuality, political pamphlets, global scepticism as well as sharp critique of social media: welcome to the Placebo 2013 world. It is more than clear that with perfect, skillfully played riffs and dark bass lines is  this decadent band going to announce their truth in future as well. However, let´s not expect any stylistic changes; no wonder who was innovative in the middle of the 1990´s has actually done his job already. And so the tormented texts correspond with similarly tormented guitars, light moments are characterised by decent electronics signalizing there still are optimistic paths in the soul of a rock transvestite. There are other questions raised as well touching the meaning of the coexistence of nature and one´s own corporality versus new technologies and over mechanized world but the singer and guitarist Molko does not know the answers. Melancholy changes aggressive guitar moments, some certainty lies in the excellent guitar rhythms, stony screams keep their strength and believe we have to stick to. Certainly, Loud Like Love is a respectful album in the whole Placebo discography.





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