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Mastodon: Live At Brixton

By the end of the year, here comes a little bit of recapitulation by the Mastodon. They have released a lively live record (not a simple Best of) monitoring their difficult way from being an underground sludge/metal band to a progressive hard rock quartet. And that is what made their way to the best world stages.



Mastodon: Live At Brixton
Formate: Amazon Instant Video
Released: 2013

There is one thing Mastodon can be proud of – none of their five records was a real fiasco. On the contrary, a magic combination of some deep rooted riffs, pure and mixed vocals and stormy thundering can really bewitch you even on stage. Live At Brixton album relies mostly on the last song from their discography – The Hunter – that has been glorified all around. Architectonically well-thought songs rule over everything thanks to their crazy rhythm. Polished solos are accompanied with a unique jazz drumming; a bubbling bass guitar fits perfectly this culminating scenic presentation full of ten minutes long hymns. It is hard to tell which position fits Mastodon more – be is the almost death metal craziness from Blood Mountain, sad mood of the Crack The Skye or the cosmic feeling of The Hunter where stoner rock cuts the atmospheric waves of Pink Floyd like a knife butter. Harmonic guitars lay over other layers of some weird fashion, unpredictable jazz improvisation give in to a robust rock pattern. All in all, Live At Brixton is a one big ending of another Mastodon etape – and God knows what direction will this quartet hit in the future.






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