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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Live From KCRW

For Nick Cave, this year has been a turning point. Not only he has come back to the Seeds, but he has also recorded an album with them and presented it on the radio waves throughout America.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Live From KCRW
Formate: Audio CD
Released: 2013

There are ten songs on this pretty intimate live album out of which the sadly ones from the recent album Push The Sky play the main role. Cave´s style is full of gothic melancholy and sad metaphors and even after some decades, it certainly does not lose any of its qualities. Surely, Live From KCRW album is a valid evidence Cave has finally found his place somewhere between Dylan or Cohen. There are bittersweet songs relying on their own spleen full of violin arranges by Warren Ellis;  lyrical storytelling by the main protagonist who has upgraded this search for one´s soul almost to a specific music genre; and some sinister music support by other musicians on the whole album. The rough versions of some traditional songs like Jack The Ripper may remind you of Grinderman, sentimental pieces with minimalistic courage do offer different sound than the studio versions – and no wonder this recording may please not only some orthodox  fans but also the average listeners who knows this Kylie Minogue duet only from a mainstream radio. Shortly, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are still looking for new ftheir self -expression. And of course, that is a good thing.



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