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Yuri Suzuki: Colour Chaser

While creating his projects, the brilliant Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki has met with several obstacles. One of them was also the fact that he is dyslexic, which may be partially limiting. This problem inspired him to come up with different ways of producing music, without the need to know how to read notes.

In the past, we have written about Yuri Suzuki in connection to Garden Russolo and other ingenious ideas. Now he is back with another wacky but working project – Colour Chaser. This project was displayed during the exhibition Looks Like Music in gallery Mudam Luxembourg and was successful not only among children but surprisingly also among adults. This time, little cars are involved – more specifically small machines on wheels of bizzare shapes. These machines detect and follow a circuit you draw for them – a black line traced in marker pen. But that would not be enough creative for Suzuki – when you interrupt the route with a colored marker, the car which crosses such a line translates the color into sound. Anyone can then basically become composer with his own original composition and can transform the car into a musical instrument. As Yuri Suzuki said:  “I feel nowadays entertainment is divided into ages. I wanted to create an experience which can excite both kids and adults.”  And obviously succeeded…



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Yuri Suzuki´s Colour Chaser
Colour Chaser



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