PETROF Jazz Piano Festival 2014

Czech company PETROF has supported various music events, to which they lend their unique pianos and grand pianos. Their instruments can then be seen at major festivals such as Prague Spring, Smetanova Litomyšl, Jazz Fest Brno and many more.

This year, PETROF company decided to support another jazz festival called PETROF Jazz Piano Festival, which will be held at the Jazz Dock club on February 24.-27. The company has offered their best piano– P 194 Storm – for the entire festival, so you can look forward to a great sound quality. During the PETROF Jazz Piano Festival phenomenal artists such as Tigran Hamasyan, Beata Hlavenková, Fabio Giachino Trio and many others will perform.



PETROF company was founded 150 years ago in Hradec Králové, by a carpenter and piano-maker Antonín Petrof. It is currently the largest manufacturer of pianos in Europe, with instruments send all around the world. While making pianos, workers of PETROF still use the traditional technique and thanks to a high share of manual works PETROF pianos perform unmistakably romantic sound. Even Paul McCartney and Ennio Morricone could not resist. 

In the past, PETROF has also cooperated with the famous audio expert Mark Levinson. Check out the unique speaker titled Daniel Hertz.

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Beata Hlavenkova
Fabio Giachino Trio
Petrof P194 Storm



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