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Broken Bells: After the Disco

Even though the duo of Danger Mouse and James Mercer does not necessarily belong to the stadium stars, the cooperation in Broken Bells deserves maximum attention.

Even Irish U2 are seriously thinking about addressing Danger Mouse as their producer. Fans that are eagerly waiting for the next album, would be amazed, because anything touched by this “genre chameleon” becomes awesome in hours. There is no difference even in After the Disco album. Post-disco atmosphere with overlaps to R&B, hip-hop, funky rhythms and rock directness is musically colorful, showing qualities of both artists. While James Mercer excels by his charismatic and recognizable vocal, Danger Mouse is always looking for new ways of expression, in which retro and modern look play the dominant role. Bittersweet vocals, dirty guitar play of Black Keys, elegant minimalism – these punch one to head with its polished rhetoric – but that´s one side of the coin. The second is the joy of making music itself, in which the experience of both actors mingles with contemplative melancholy. Resonant bass line along with the digital soundscapes set the bar fairly high and so it wouldn´t be fair to talk about After the Disco as another ordinary indie-rock album. Broken Bells doesn´t break down the boundaries, but moves them forward.  




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Broken Bells



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