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Bruce Springsteen: High Hopes

It´s unbelievable. For 45 years, Bruce Springsteen acts on the stage and even his 18th recording of High Hopes is not just a dozen filling of his discography.

The storyteller and social commentator perhaps too much lectures and plays the righteous preacher. However, from his work the sincerity of “Americana” just radiates after recasting it into varied performances. High Hopes is yet a collection of songs that originated in part from previously unreleased songs – this fact has also signed on the overall impression of the album. Ballad themes, intimate folk celebrations alternate vocal puzzles; monotonous cries change into suicidal dejection; noble messages into a clear street show. Accompanied E Street Band offers a superhuman performance and when a special guest such as Tom Morello from rap-metal Rage Against the Machine joins, it is a clear success. Tom Morello even joined Bruce Springsteen on his tour and it should be noted, that Morello´s eccentric “quacky” solo vocal is undoubtedly the sensation of atmospheric jam in The Ghost of Tom Joad. Meditative consolations, that are the hallmark of Boss´ output, still have engaging charm. Dark bloody, but captivating images, associate untamed images in listener´s mind. That we can hear especially in the final remake of Dream Baby Dream from post-punk Suicide.  


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Bruce Springsteen
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