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Korean minimalism conquering the world!

Minimalistic use, without unnecessary control buttons, is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This was also shown by a young Korean designer Eunhee Jo, who stunned in London.

For the sixth time, Design Museum in London organized an exhibition called Designers in Residence. Since last September until January this year, the museum opened a space for young, new and yet unknown designer from all over the world. And as the director of the Design Museum proclaimed: “This year, the Designers in Residence 2013 programme will explore of how design in any field can be used to convey, to create, or to reflect a sense of identity.’

Besides Thomas Thwaites, Chloe Meineckand Adam Nathanial Furman the muzeum had also given a chance to Korean designer Eunhee Jo. In both of her projects Eunhee focused on the connection between touch and technologies. And so, in collaboration with Seitaro Taniguchim, she created a pair of „touch speakers“.

While one of the speakers remains at its original function, the second of the pair serves as a remote also. At the edge of the speaker a listener selects an option and then simply by the swipe of his finger on the tightened fabric changes the volume, skips to his favorite track, etc. This material is available in five colors. Beautiful, huh?



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