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Invisible Home Theatre: part 2

In a previous article, we have shown you how to hide a high-quality sound into walls. Another option is a solution, which we call “a playing wall”. It is a perfectly invisible speaker, that will not disrupt the design and style of your home.

We usually recommend this system as an add-on for a multiroom (when you want to dub multiple rooms at one time). However, it is not suitable for a multi-channel home theater sound. It plays all direction, which causes a series of bounces of the sound. Such sound is therefore undesirable for a perfectly mixed sound of Dolby Digital.

However, for an ambient listening in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms or other areas of the house, such a hidden speaker is sufficient. In this case, the “all-direction-sound” can be considered as an advantage. In such an area the sound pleasantly fills a considerable area by a great sound. 

Speakers built into the furniture

In our projects, we also often use furniture itself to hide the speakers.

Installation requires precise bending details of all the furniture in the room. Afterwards, we either choose a mass produced furniture or in cooperation with the Czech manufacturer of highly acclaimed Xavian speakers, we design a custom system. Installation into the furniture in a combination with rear in-wall speakers is considered to be the most effective way.

Example of such furniture can be seen in our projects.


The basis is the subwoofer. But do you know where to place it?

While talking about subwoofer, we must say it is worth investing. Although it might not be visible at the first glance, the subwoofer makes the overall sound impression, the one which brings the greatest emotion.

Did you know, that for THX home theater even two should be used? The final effect is then really perfect. Even on a small volume you would be surprised by a deep and natural bass that you would exactly expect in the reality. The subwoofer can be built into the walls and furniture. However, only a professional installation will ensure a proper placement and adequate reinforcement of the surrounding construction. The vast majority of installations need either a visible front grid on the wall, or at least a round sleeve (a hole covered with a small grid).

     A great example of such subwoofer is also SEKRIT BR27 from Linn.


Do you also want to see other options of invisible speakers? Check out our previous post, in which we focused on built-in speakers

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