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Pharrell Williams: GIRL

For ten years, Pharrell Williams has enjoyed the favor of his more famous colleagues – while cooperating and creating perfects beats for their achievements. This year is a turning point to him – with Williams´ solo album he finally became independent enough to become an equal player in the premier league of R&B.

The transition from industrial pop of Snoop Dog, Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears to more sophisticated expression a la Daft Punk and Kayne West was a good step, even though the madness and lightness at the expense of arrogance has fortunately not decreased. Funky and retro recalling of 70´s and 80´s is of course not missing, as well as an euphoric mood and a pleasant optimism. Ten songs engagingly rumble beneath lushy beats. Falsetto sometimes teases with its provocative yet banal lyrics, dances under lines and evokes miraculous disco grotesque, which won´t stop. The overall atmosphere perfectly fits to any kind of beach party, as well as to the intended listening. Dance tracks jump to downright song formats, the gospel clapping disrupts serious string arrangement, astonishing its depth and trivial proccesing. G I R L plays with the tender sex and celebrates its history throughout the pop culture. And this is what we call a concept that has never been seen and heard before in the R&B world.

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