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Aëdle: Great sound with French charm

Fullstars brings to its portfolio another carefully selected piece from the world of audio and design, the brand Aëdle. Aëdle is a French headphones manufacturer of exceptional design and a perfect sound.

As designers claim themselves: „We started Aëdle with the idea of creating something unique in the world of headphones. Aëdle was born from our desire to make headphones with no compromise between sound quality and design.” There is no doubt about the fact, that these two levels can be combined into a perfect whole. The design is very elegant at the first glanc, the workmanship and the overall structure just add to it. In addition, the beautiful packaging makes these headphones really a luxury piece.

Aëdle VK-1 can be categorized as universal headphones. It is exactly the model that will please you at home if you don´t want to disturb anyone by your listening. However, VK-1 headphones will become your best friend while traveling, where they will amaze not only by its design but also by semi-closed enclosure, which filters out most of the ambient sound.

Finally, some technical parameters. Neodymium drivers will amaze you by their exactness. Cables (by the way there are two in the package- one with remote, one without) are interchangeable and are protected by aramid fibers. Cushions padded with lambskin leather will ensure the maximum comfort to your ears.

Recommended price: €390 

Come to take a look to our showroom in Vinohradsky Pavilion!

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