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R.E.M.: Unplugged: The Complete Sessions 1991 & 2001

Waters have closed above R.E.M. in 2011. Since then, fans could only hope either for band´s return, or that the band will tam their hope by releasing a rarity here and there. Complete collected unplugged recordings offer the second mentioned option.

Unplugged performance was always a welcomed change of R.E.M., that has changed into more intimate position. For R.E.M. Their shows on MTV have always met with understandable enthusiasm as their rock meets all the requirements for it to sound acoustically even more natural. Needles to say, the sessings of 1991 and 2001 had to undergo the necessary transformation of sound, but there is still more to improve. Here, they play on authenticity which can be therefore experienced by their fans again and again. The Link of Patti Smith, Beach Boys, The Velvet Underground and charming punk rock rise again from the ashes. A serene melodies intrewine with each other, folk themes impress by their purity, guitar inteplay can enchant even after years. Mystical texts sound even more passionatelly in the unplugged version, for which the world is only a tragicomic joke and bittersweet kiss. The intimacy flows form all sides, strenghtened by a simple instrumental combination. Unplugged: The Complete 1991 & 2001 is a document of the band, which was once on the top and had come to the smart point that it is the right time to quit.



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