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Unmonday 4.3: Acoustic geometry from Finland

The Finnish company Unmonday recently came up with a new product – ceramic speaker with a single button – Unmonday Model 4.3. This white hexagon is in fact contolled by flipping on one of the six sides.

By turning to one of the sides, the listener gets several modes, from mono to wireless connection with other Unmonday speakers. When everything is connected to computer or TV, Unmonday creates portable surround systém.

As Jukka Niemenem from Unmonday says:“We wanted to create something truly wireless and flexible, that will not compromise on sound quality and product design. We also wanted to eliminate all the usual hassles associated with wireless speakers such as setup or pairing.“

The music can be played through iPhone, iPad or Mac using AirPlay. The jack on the rear allows to connect other devices as well.

Speaker can play for up to 8 hours and can also be ordered with a leather case for easier transfer.

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