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PONO: the sound of the 21st century

Neil Young had enough of the compressed MP3 music and came up with a great idea. He invented PONO! Thanks to Kickstarter, he obtained more than $6 million and PONO became the third most-supported project from all.

PONO is not only a music player, but also an Internet service that will drug your player with the tracks of one of the highest possible quality – FLAC. And that is also the idea behind the whole project.

The aim is to offer listeners the format of studio quality with the lowest possible compression and thus overcome today´s standard of MP3s. This will bring listeners to songs that sound exactly as they were recorded in the studio. With 128 GB memory, this will be an easy step!

According to our information PonoPlayer will go on sale in October 2014 for $399. If you have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, the player will be offered in limited quantity by almost $100 cheaper. Albums of all available genres will be offered for $15-$25, which is the standard price for albums of such quality.

And by the way, the name of the player comes from the Hawaiian word Pono, which means „honest, good, real.“ Let´s hope, that the sound coming out from PONO, will be exactly the same.

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