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Change the Record

Project of Paul Cocksedge is nothing new, but the idea is quite original. From any vinyl record this designer can make a portable speaker for your smart phone.

This hand made loudspeaker is created thanks to heating and molding of the vinyl records into a funnel shape. Therefore, when you place your phone on the bottom of the funnel, the properly shaped vinyl spreads the sound. Of course you cannot expect anything proffesional, but the owner of this portable piece (without the need of charging) will be totally the center of attention.

During the world-renowned exhibition Curtain Call at London´s Roundhouse, guests had the opportunity to bring their own LP, which has been reshaped by Paul Cocksedge himself. By the way, guests could also see the unique installation by Ron Arad, with 360 degree projection screen, consisted of 5,600 silicon rods in the 18-meter circle.

More about Curtain Call in the following video:



Change the Record is also available on Paul Cocksedge e-shop for £39. You also have the opportunity to pre-order The Vamp, about which we have informed in March.

More to see on the official website of Paul Cocksedge.



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