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Too black. Too boxy. Too shiny. Too cold. We know. Not for you. Not anymore.“ This is the slogan of the Finnish manufacturer of “dressed” speakers.

Upload Audio was founded in 2011 to bring a quality solution to all those who want to upgrade their audio system. With a group of mostly Finnish designers and manufacturers Upload Audio came up with a proposal of a new design of speaker. Specifically, with a Norweigan manufacturer SEAS, which specializes on components for speakers, Upload Audio developed UA1. Minimalist speaker that you can „clothe“ as you please.

The build-in technology and the shape of the speaker has many advantages. Sound is transmitted in all direction. Altough the speaker is designed to be hung on the wall, you will not be bothered by expected resonance. Fastening with a one screw on the wall thus does not affect sound quality. And even acclaimed Finnish hi-fi expert Sam Saurama said, that UA1 has such a bass, which given the size of the speaker is hard to believe, until you hear them play.

As you could see from the introductory slogan, for Upload Audio another very important aspect is design of the speaker itself. The manufacturer therefore brings to the market 12 shades of special fabric, in which you just suit your speaker. Not to mention the possibility of selecting colors for cloth-covered cable. It is therefore only up to you, in which „dress“ you will suit your speaker and how often you will change it.


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