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Various Artists: Super Audio Collection Vol. 7

The seventh compilation for music lovers from Linn Records carries the same spirit of precise sound as its predecessors. The quality of an audio recording and the attention payed on detail are the main goals of Linn Records´ philosophy – as one of the few, Linn Records also offer to download tracks in studio masters quality from their catalog.

The last such is compilation is Various Artists: Super Audio Collection Vol. 7, featuring the songs of classics among which are Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Joseph Haydn, Johannes Brahms or Hector Berlioz – performed mostly by The Scottish Chamber Orchestra. The second half of the compilation contains more recent and more popular tracks – such as emotive ballads of Emily Barker, Dougie MacLean or Amy Duncan. The whole compilation does not have any specific arrangement or topic. Its main purpose is to show, on the most diverse range of music, the best quality of recordings available for home and studio use. This path of Linn Records seems to be successful since 1982.

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