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Robert Plant: Lullaby and…The Ceaseless Roar

Being an aging member of the legenedary rock group can be quite a tricky thing – especially if it´s possibly the most famous and influential (and in terms of commercial scales one of the most successful) rock band in the world. We are talking of course about the British Led Zeppelin – and the aging member is meant to be the singer Robert Plant. However, in his case we should more than about „aging“ talk about „maturing.“

Robert Plant is steadily the most active member of the former island quaternion, which was in the seventies with its mammoth shows probably the clearest prototype of rock deities. Although Plant cuurrently receives a note of criticism from the other two members for his reluctacne to reunion concerts, his solo career has been since the early eighties worth monitoring. His latest project – in which Plant continues to develop his vocal range and lyrical ambition – is the band Sensational Shape Shifters, with which he has just released the first album (and his tenth solo album) Lullaby…The Ceaseless Roar. Album carries the echoes of his love toward English folk music and blues traditionals, which was also an inspiration in the early days of Led Zeppelin. Nevertheless, Plant goes even further – the album in its eclectic sound truly reflects the character of its author, a tireless musical globetrotter, who has still a lot to say.

In the past, we devoted a Linn Lounge evening to Led Zeppelin. It is a concept of hi-fi manufacturer and music publisher Linn. The aim of the event is to introduce the best available sound quality through the highest quality products of the Linn brand. Soon, you can look forward to many more interesting artists… We will keep you informed!



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