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OTOTO by Dentaku

OTOTO means „younger brother“ in Japanese. But in the world of audio we speak of experimental musical board, created by London duo Dentaku. Dentaku consists of two men, Mark McKeague and Yuri Suzuki. Only when we hear their names it is clear to everyone, that we will not be talking about some ordinary speaker.

The board OTOTO uses sensors, touchpads and inputs to which you can connect by crocodile clips anything that comes to your mind. The board itself is covered with animations which explain for what to use individual sensors, so that OTOTO can be controlled by everyone, without the need of understanding cables or electronics. You can discover your talent by connecting clips to leaves of flowes, a teaspoon or bananas, as shown in the video.

Create your piano from vegetables, or give vocals to plants. Connect anything conductive to OTOTO and play. Imagination has no limits!


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Price: £60.00



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