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Röyksopp: The Inevitable End

Scandinavia is traditionally paying for a gold fountain of great pop music – and it is not only about ABBA, Roxette, or Aqua. Among the most successful Nordic export articles of the last two decades we should include in particular the number of electronic names, among which leading positions are occupied by two duos – The Knife and Röyksopp.

It seems almost like a coincidence that these two projects  decided to do a major turning point in their career this year- The Knife announced their latest tour to be a definitive end and the duo of Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland released their latest full-length album (although apparently  Röyksopp is not over yet) aptly titled The Inevitable End.

The fifth and in their own words last album of classic Norwegian duo  is somewhat darker in mood than its predecessor – perhaps with the prospect of that inevitable end of the title. However, it does not miss their synthpop soaring arias, melancholic tunes or their classic guest Robyn. Numerous voice modulation remind favorite creative method of Daft Punk, infectiously rolling electro beat back the current big room techno sound or French label Ed Banger. The tracks Monument and Skulls have definitely proportions for catchy radio hits. The highlight of the entire album, however, is painfully catchy final song Thank You, forming perhaps the best thanks, dancing dot and a nice end of an era of Scandinavian elektropop cult Röyksopp.




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