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Benjamin Clementine: At Least For Now

With his hairstyle, Benjamin Clementine looks a bit like Fresh Prince – popular character of the 90s TV series. Nevertheless, he is far away from those crazy tricks and hip hop. His domain lies in expressive songwriting on the boarder of soul and folk.

Before this 26-years-old singer introduced his first studio album At Least For Now, he managed to grab the attention of many by the EP Cornerstone and Glorious You. The burly beau with Ghanian roots has also spent four years in Paris, where he lived from playing in the streets. His busking honesty was also transferred into his new songs. In tracks such as London or Condolence his tenor pushes the listener against the wall. Despite his slightly old-fashioned poetics, reaching for the legacy of William Blake and T.S. Eliot, he can be ranked among the great hopes of the British pop and his chance to change the charts are really high. Like Adele, Benjamin Clementine disposes a strident voice and a sense of believability. In addition, he is able to push to music his personal charisma…






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