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TIDAL: News in music streaming

Combining the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos, interesting facts about your favorite artists and their recordings – that´s TIDAL. 

TIDAL provides unlimited access to over 25 million high quality tracks. Each audio experience is complemented by a generous dose of information about individual recordings, history of artists, including interviews and articles. In addition to a better sound quality, TIDAL will surprise you with more than 75,000 music videos – no ads, no signal loss, only a crystal clear picture.
 You can listen to TIDAL on all smart device, including Apple products, but also those with Android system. TIDAL is now also integrated into all Linn DS players. Owners of Linn DS player now have the opportunity of a free 60-day trial, including the Czech Republic. For more information, please visit Linn website.

Since February, TIDAL is also available in the Czech Republic. 

The Forbes Magazine said it clear: „Forget Spotify. Get CD Quality Music.“ The decision is up to you, but your ears will have it clear after only few seconds of listening.




 More can be found on TIDAL website. 





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