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Koostik: Wooden amplifier

In the wide range of available amplifiers and portable speakers on the market is really difficult to distinguish and excell. American family company Koostik took the smart path „from the forest.“ Literally…

Their amplifiers are made of wood, no plastics, no cables. Their first inspiration and product was a styrofoam cup with a cut-out hole for the iPhone. Later, they created dozens of prototypes made of wood, where they combined simple design with functionality. This „garage work“, in which the whole family was involved, gave rise to the first product called Original.

Handcrafted amps are created from a beautiful piece of cherry, walnut or maple wood. Koostik does not require any connection. The design, shape and material properties are the main carriers of the sound. Hard surface transferres and amplifies the sound from your Apple device up to 4 times.
Besides other products, Koostik has in its offer three kinds, shapes and sizes of these eco-friendly amplifiers. The already mentioned Koostik Original, Koostik Pivot and the smallest Koostik Koo. To be used only with Apple iPhone.

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