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Winds of Sorrow: Videomapping in flames!

Today, on February 26th, you will have a chance to see a unique audiovisual projection, to which as the canvas will serve the Stone Bell House on the Old Town Square in Prague. The theme will be far different from what we are used to in videomapping.

The Winds of Sorrow were produced by the Czech duo František Pecháček and Josef Kortan from the group Black/Division together with Azerbaijani Hypnotica. Together they will show various historical events, but the main motif will be two stories of burned villages. 
The official opening ceremony and the first projection will start at 7pm. The videomapping is about 12 minutes long and the whole performance will be repeated in cycles. A little sneak peak from recent project of Black/Division and Hypnotica can be seen in videos below.
It is definitely something to look forward to! Come!



WHITE SIGN / video mapping installation from Hypnotica Visual Performance on Vimeo.





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