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Floating cinema: The Future of Entertainment

DAKAR is not only the capital of Senegal and the annual off-road race, but also a competiotion organized by renowned architects and directors such as Ousmane Sembene. Its exact name is DAKAR: Temporary Cinema ideas competition. And as the name suggest, the main players of the game are cinemas.

Contestants from all over the world get a chance to test their skills and originality on the desing of cinema, that plays an important role not only in terms of sustainable development, but also as a tool to strenghten the community. Of the three main winners, we consider the most interesting project to be “Floating Cinema” by architect Min Wook Choi from South Korea.

His floating cinema has an area of up to 684 square meters and 10 meters in height. It received enthusiasm of juries also for the used materials – cinema would be made of recycled wooden boards of abandoned or obsolete fishing boats. Cinema leaving from the port then gives these wooden pieces another chance.

Due to the location of Dakar, access to the movies is provided from the shore and as the architects says, “the floating cinema can reach anywhere in the city and appears only temporary… As people enter into the cinema, the ship(the cinema itself) literally starts to sail. The floating cinema offers a new and different experiences that one can fully focus on the movie of choice without distraction.”

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