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XOXX Composer: From noise to song

Student projects are always a guarantee of originality and sometimes even connection of seemingly incompatible. No exception for a student of the Royal College of Art, Axel Bluhmen. He created an interactive device that uses small motor for driving 8 discs with magnets, thanks to which a digital audio is made.

The device, called XOXX Composer, is made of plywood and a set of rotating discs, that make different sounds while spinning. Thanks to holes (where you place magnets) on each disc, you can adjust the frequency of the audio being played. 

“XOXX Composer turns the inner functions of sampling, looping, and sequencing, into tangible, kinetic, sculptural form,” said Bluhme. In other words, from mechanical noises XOXX Composer creates a melody.

Check out the impressive video created for the project XOXX Composer:



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