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Interactive installation: Projections

Garden Russolo, Coulour Chaser, OTOTO…those are projects of world-renowned designers and artists, about whom we informed many times. Today we present another interesting artist from the world of interactive instalations, this time from NY.

Brooklyn „installation artist,“ as he calls himself, named Aakash Nihalani is best known for his graphic illusions on sidewalks and walls of cities, made of fluorescent colored tapes.

His latest installation, titled Projections, is surprisingly digital. Nihalani transmits geometrical objects on a white wall through a projector, that is connected to Kinect and his computer. When a visitor of this indoor installation moves his hand in front of the projection, due to sensors the geometry begins to move and thus traces the movement of his hand. The visitor can then disrupt a circle, move the imaginary building blocks, or determine the direction of the movement of „a digital snake.“ Interesting, is it? 



For other projects look here: Aakash Nihalani 

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