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On previously released albums, Copenhagen formation Mew, has shown that they belong to one of the most fundamental European bands in the genre of pop rock. During the six years of silence, it was not clear what will happen next. However, the new album + – swept all doubt into oblivion.

The new album +- is obvious to be the band´s Mew and no other. And that not only because of the characteristically tinged vocals of frontman Jonas Bjerre. Although all albums of Mew were soaked with pop elements, + – is in this regard far away. Danish dreamers simplified instrumentation and recorded their most straightforward and yet the calmest album. It seems, that the times of neurotic drums and acrid guitars – from albums No More Stories Are Told Today, I´m Sorry They Washed Away and Frengers – are gone, regardless of whether the band gained or lost.




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