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Scottish Franz Ferdinand got into charts and rooms of teenage hipsters eleven years ago with the single Take Me Out. American synthpop-rock formation Sparks had never got in a wider recognition, altough they have been playing since 1971. Their common album FFS was therefore a crucial milestone in their careers. 

In such a super-band the age is not a matter, though the age gap between the youngest and the oldest member is more than thirty years. The connecting element is a strange mix of cheeky and cultivated humor, that runs through all eleven track of this eponymous album. Even though the last years of indie scene were caught more in minimalist arrangements, FFS are not afraid to reach beyond the theatrical symphonic inserts. Confident and collaborative album – which can self-ironically shoot in their own ranks, such as shown in the song Collaborations Don´t Work – demonstrate that even artists like Franz Ferdinand, who was viewed as a member of the category of „one-hit wonder“ still have a lot to surprise with.




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