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Manu Delago: Silver Kobalt

It does not happen so often that a player of an exotic instrument such as the Swiss hang drum, manages to create an album that would not be build primarily on his instrument. Thirty-one-year-old Austrian Manu Delago has mastered it perfectly.

In sound, which characterizes Manu Delago in recent years, we find fingerprints of classical music, trip hop, movie soundtracks but also electronic trends, such as glitch or dubstep. Altough Delago plays the hang drum for less than ten years, he worked his ways to virtuosity – recognized also by Icelandic diva Bjork, in whose band this talented Austrian played many times. Delago´s ability to write bewitching pop songs and create rich sound textures, that collapse under the weight of asymmetrical beats, gives the album Silver Kobalit an exceptional atmosphere. That is strenghtened aslo by vocalist Isa Kurz, who excels in tracks Disgustingly Beautiful, Chemical Reaction or Dearest. For those, who have not seen Delago on this year´s Colours of Ostrava, let Silver Kobalt be a very pleasant satisfaction.




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