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Two in one, that´s Swedish BLOCK

Hanging acoustic panel is the work of Swedish design student Johanna Jacobson Backman. It is not only an ordinary panel, BLOCK has a row of LED lamps on the bottom side and thus provides light for the table below it.

This product was developed in a cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer of lighting Zero. BLOCK has been designed to absorb high and low frequencies, in order to create a pleasant working environment. Half oval shape is also reflected in the cable attachement to the ceiling, which is therefore connectible and giving an oportunity to be hanged in various groupings.

“Johanna’s design impressed us, as it was really innovative and would work in all kinds of spaces where you need light- and sound-absorbing features,” Zero’s Per Gill.

Acoustic panels with LED lights are available in lengths of 60 and 120 cm and in height of 40 and 80 cm. Exlusive importer of producs from Zero is Fullstars.

Price: from 27.000 CZK (excl.VAT)

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