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Ratatat: Magnifique

Only few bands can hold so unmistakable and instantly recognizable handwriting such as Brooklyn duo Ratatat. Mike Stroud and Evan Mast have for their characteristic – with effects and synthesizer trills supported – sound earned their own genre box „rocktronica“. As an icon of indie scene they have managed to go on tour with Daft Punk or Björk. On two of their albums they remixed tracks form hip hop´s elite headed by Kanye West, Jay Z, Method Man and Missy Elliott.

After an album LP4 from 2010, the duo of very similar-looking musicians went silent for long five years – and back they are with their fifth album Magnifique. Has anything significant changed? No – in the best sense. Their famous riffs are safely recognizable in the aptly titled opening track Intro, right in the next track Cream on Chrome Ratatat sparkle a metallic concert as only they can do. Sometimes funky loose and spiced with extra dose of rentro synths, other times fiercely springing forward with melodic indie rock ferocity – Magnifique is quite possibly the opus magnum of Ratatat, altough actually heard for a few times. The Brooklyn duo will never make a music differently – and that is the best news for everyone that has Ratatat written in their own music DNA.

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