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Linn Series 5: New chameleon speakers?

New speakers of the Scotish manufacturer Linn will easily blend in and match your home decor or make a bold statement piece , and this time not only because of the great sound.520-KaleidoSplatt-3Q-White

The new 530 system is a big; thirty-litre cabinet, hiding in Linn EXAKT electronics, 300W of power amps and an Isobarik bass system. The cheaper System 520 is smaller, but uses the same technology.

Both systems come with Linn Akurate EXAKT DSM, which provides connectivity to your favorite music, be it a turntable or Studio Master records. Nevertheless, the great sound is not the only thing that makes the new Linn Series unique.

Both products of the fifth series are supplied with a removable fabric covers that are designed to easily fit into any interior. The main idea of covers is that you can have a great sound without having to change the layout or design of your interior. Currently, Linn offers Fabrik covers in 11 versions from designers and companies such as Timorous Beasties or Harris Tweed. Linn cooperates with many designers that work on new fabric designs and the Fabrik range is likely to grow. In the future, Linn will also work on one-off designs from their customers and so will create more unique pieces.

Why did Linn decide to hide speakers in fabric, while most audio manufacturers keep taking the covers off?

The technical director of Linn – Keith Robertson – explains that Fabrik is not only some kind of shell for the fifth season: “You can’t just pull fabric down over a speaker, if you do that what’s going to happen is the fabric will actually vibrate in sympathy with the drive unit and it becomes it’s own drive unit creating sound waves that are interfering with the driver that’s there in the first place.“ Linn, therefore has created a different material called Linn Fabrik. Special manufacturing methods make the fabric to fit around the drive unit to allays the problems. The Exakt technology itself allows for the acoustic effects of the fabric to be coded into the speakers themselves, using similar aural adjustments it uses for its Space Optimisation + technology. With this technology the fabric does not „suffocate“ the sound and Space Optimisation provides the ideal location and setting in your home.

For more information please visit Linn official.

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